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The importance of CSM

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The main reason for including CSM together with UX in one chapter is rather obvious. They are twins, two close elements of the same puzzle. Gaining the most for the company and keeping the customer satisfied at the same time. Since there are some differences between CSM and UX, I would like to represent main responsibilities of successful Customer Success Management.

The text below represents my point of view on Customer Success Management primary roles and responsibilities. It needs to be considered as a “to do “ list to be extended and modified according to the company business environment. The quality of CSM lies between communication, analytic and researching skills. The position’s task needs to bring profits for the company and its customers at the same time. The following is based on my work experience as well as educational background.

„The quality of the company is measured by its after sales level of customer satisfaction”

The trick is not to sell a product, but the trick is to keep the customer and encourage him to further and broader cooperation with the company. Therefore, customer satisfaction is extremely important for the development of any company. Once a customer is acquired, it does not generate significant advertising costs again, so keeping it as long as possible is financially justified. If the company is not able to keep the customer after first transaction then CAC is wasted.


If there is nothing special about the product, then it is for no one. Adjusting the offer to the individual needs of the client is a basic task as well as personalizing contacts on the client-company line. Customer retention absolutely requires an individual approach and high-quality after-sales care.

„Win – win”

On the one hand, a client success management is responsible for maintaining good relations, assuring the client of the rightness of his investment and taking care of his needs and expectations. On the other hand, knowledge about the customer profile is invaluable for a company that can successfully use it in developing a sales strategy or designing its own products/services. Every site benefits from this.

„The center of the conversation”

The customer success management generally needs to work with every department in the company. Starting from IT specialists and ending with the marketing department. The client must feel taken care of from start to finish.


The customer must be thoroughly convinced and satisfied with the decision to purchase the product/service. What is most important for any investment is ROI. The task of CSM is to guarantee appropriate, personalized care and the level of satisfaction, which translates directly into the profitability of both parties. 

As mentioned above in professional Customer Success Management both sides benefit from it. Therefore it is important to emphasize the role of the right person on this position.

Customers gains

– communication – translating “tech” language into the Final User’s one for better understanding, providing appropriate support as well as maintaining good customer relations. The User has the feeling that the company is responsible and can be relied on.

– instruction – accessible and easy to understand product implementation so that the initial and later process of use brings as few problems as possible.

– support – get the most of the product, respond quickly and efficiently to end-user issues, constant and professional customer support.

– problem solving – providing the necessary and effective support to solve a problem, ensuring smooth operation of the software, especially in the event of problems.

– advising – providing product advice, establishing a permanent and substantive relationship with the software supplier.

– advertising – providing new products/features updates, present and persuade the customer to extend the product with new functions and or services – “between the lines”, knowledge of new possibilities and software options.

– customer care – constant customer care, providing customer support at the highest possible level, establishing and maintaining trust in the company, feeling of being taken care of at every stage of cooperation with the company

Company gains

– problem detection – effective communication with the technical department, collecting opinions and feedback on the operation of the software, customer journey mapping, ongoing user opinion research, identifying weaknesses and solutions sought by the client.

– research – conducting communication in such a way as to obtain additional information about the product through conversation or observation, opinions about the competitors

– profiling the final user – conducting communication in such a way as to obtain additional information about the user’s behavior and background through conversation or observation, Identifying the user, building the profile in order to adjust the product to customers’ needs

– detecting the „pain points” and areas for improvement – obtain the most detailed information about possible and desired improvements or patches in the software, identifying the weak points and desired improvements or features

Added values

Most important benefits are:

– Building trust and reliability of the company

– Constant improving of the company image and market position

– Word of mouth marketing along standard marketing activity

– Defining target group of customers

– Researching competitive products on the market

– Better understanding the customers’ needs

– Constant mapping the customer flow

– “Hands on” feedback from real customers

– Delivering desired values

– Increasing customer Lifetime Value

To sum up, the professional level of Customer Success Management has a huge impact on the growth of the company’s competitiveness. In times of huge competition and the fight for the client, disregarding the role of CSM can be called at least reckless.

CCX Solutions Auditing and optimalization

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